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I picked a hell of a year to work in the care sector huh?

I’ve been very fortunate to not only still have a job but been working throughout the pandemic. Not that I didn’t envy Adam getting to hang out with the girls every day, although homeschooling is so frustrating with a wilful 6-year-old so I definitely was glad not to have to do that so much! I felt useful to my company and my team, as well as to relatives and families where we tried to help keep them connected and informed. However, with that comes a certain amount of burnout, and I don’t think humans are really designed to be in each others pockets all the livelong day.

Adam and I used to pride ourselves on being able to put up with each other. Before we got together we spent most of our school hours in the same lessons sat together, we had elected for the same 3 A-levels and didn’t really tire of each other’s company. Some of the teachers thought we were dating, a ludicrous suggestion we would laugh off, with me flashing my engagement ring from my long-distance partner. Adam and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary in lockdown, so clearly our elders knew us better than we knew ourselves I guess… Lockdown has been a rocky ride though, especially as most of my close friends now are tech-shy. Adam has been able to continue a lot of his social life online, with D&D and board game clubs and chatting to mates online much like usual. Me, not so much, so I’ve struggled with a bit of loneliness (and jealousy) as calls have been canceled or not well attended. I am starting to get a bit of a life back which is helping my well being enormously.

I am wondering what the next few months will bring now, changes are afoot at work and I am concerned about how things are going to work going forward. I have enjoyed working from home a few days a week but looks like the government wants to discourage that, so that is fun. I worked from home for years, returning to it has been quite soothing. I like the mix of a couple of days of face time with people but then being at home and working through things with music on and no distractions is good.

How are you? Did you manage to look after yourself during lockdown? Can I help at all?

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