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I know you are all just dying to find out what I’ve done with this in the last year since my last update. Well, turns out I accidentally did a few things without even remembering they were on my list, go me!

Attend a Hertfordshire craft-based group (scrapbooking, knitting, whatever!) – completed February 2020, attended “Balls and Banter” with my lovely friend Charlotte

Visit Stonehenge – Aug 2020 (To be honest, I’m counting driving past it. We should have stopped I guess, but that drive to Newquay is bloody long as it is)

Visit The Shambles in York – Done August 2020 

See the Northern Lights – Done March 2020 – got a special flight from Stanstead Airport to do it, I might do a post about it!

Watch a meteor shower – Completed Summer 2020, watched the Lyrids meteor shower during the pandemic

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