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Amazon had a daily deal on the Bullet Planner by Scribbles That Matter. I’ve had this in my wishlist for a while now, so was glad when Amazon notified me that it was coming up as it gave me a perfect excuse to get it! Great for the new year, it gives me a fresh start as I have gotten a bit tired of drawing spreads in my Moleskine notebook. Below is link to the planner, it is an Amazon Affiliate link, so be aware that if you click and use the link I will get a small commission at no cost to you.

Bullet Planner by Scribbles That Matter unboxing/review – BritWitBit Includes lots of pictures of the inside, a bit of pen testing with some of the more common bullet journalling pens and a small review which I will add to as time goes on. If you were curious about the Bullet Planner, this may help you make up your mind to get it!   #planner #bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujojunkies #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalcommunity #showmeyourplanner #bujolove #plannercommunity #journal

First Impressions:

  • Woah, it’s big
  • Weird that it comes in a box
  • It’s still big out of the box
  • Love the colours and the 3 ribbons, with these ribbons you are really spoiling us

There are 12 monthly spreads included, as well as calendars, pen test pages, weekly spreads with 24hour breakdown of day, daily lists, password reminder pages and a few (but not a lot) of planning and creative pages. This is definitely suited to a Bullet Journal beginner or someone that doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to drawing pages each week (which is me currently) but still wants a bullet journal feel that you can customise.

Ooo a box
Box inside
Bullet Planner – nifty little pen loop on the spine rather than sticking out the side, I can see that working well
Compared to Snoopy Moleskine which is A5ish size, so this is a lot bigger!
Three ribbons!
Key page
2019 page, this was the last year in it, had 2017 and 2018, so hopefully, they will print some new ones with more calendars
Cool graphs, you can monitor your progress weekly on this chart and see clearly growth and success. I’m going to use them for my Pinterest stats and for weight loss
a few planning pages
Month and monthly overview
Monthly tracker, love this, can see this getting colourful as you track habits
Weekly page – this is what really sold me on it, I used to get these tracking pages when I was having CBT and found them so useful to monitor a complete breakdown of my days. You can track your full 24 hours here, so you can see where your time goes. Going to be a bit sadder now as work and sleep are such big chunks, but should help me see where my time is going!
Dailies – can see these being great for short-term todo lists
Extra Creative Space
Mindfulness Page (sorry blurry)
Pen Test – although I don’t need to be told to test my pens I guess!
Pen Tests
The Uniball and the Manuscript Calligraphy pen both slightly ghosted, everything else looks decent though

In summary, I can see how this will give me a kickstart back into Bullet Journalling. They provide the barebones pages but there is still lots of room to customise should you wish. The pages are a decent thickness and nice and large, which might be a problem if you want to bring this everywhere, but I think it will be good for me in my work bag and for planning at home. Lots of lovely grid paper on the planning and creative pages if you have a specific list layout you want to do, but I think I will be making use of the daily and monthly pages to help remind me of things like my watched lists etc.

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