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… and I’ve already made one of my daughters cry, whoops.

We had a duplicate present at Christmas, not even a duplicate in this holiday but a present we had a few years ago that doesn’t get played with.  Some plastic tat that they do enjoy playing with when they remember its existence, but as we already have a set I definitely didn’t want another. So I had discussed with my eldest that we were going to either return it and get a gift we wanted (and there was something my youngest definitely wanted instead, but that’s another tantrum to discuss), or that we would regift it so it wouldn’t go to waste.

Me and partner went out last night, Grandma kindly came down to babysit.  So, I come downstairs this morning to find the pack open and ruined.  This kind of thing drives me mad, it isn’t the first time we’ve had this, we just don’t need two of these things.  Now the world has a bunch of extra plastic stuff in the universe after I specifically had discussed the plans with both of them and just told them to wait until this morning so I could locate the old pack.  Completely ignored.  I know I’m overreacting, it’s hard not to though, I’m a member of zero-waste groups and eldest is on the Eco-council, this needless waste is hard to stomach when I feel like I’m fighting this battle on a few fronts.  Now tempted to just take this to a charity shop where they hopefully can sell it on.

I know that if my partner had been first down that he would have just gone “oh well” and not made a big deal about it, but we can’t really afford to be buying extra presents for no reason, this is just stupid.  ARGH!  What would you have done?

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