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January was cold, wet, especially miserable for me. The only thing to do in these circumstances is to throw myself into media and cuddle with a blanket, hiding from the world.

January 2019 media roundup, including Sapiens, Linkee, Rampage, Lego Masters, A Series Of Unfortunate Events and Animal Crossing


Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Fascinating history of the human race. I might have to go with an IT Crowd quote here “People. What a bunch of bastards”. It is amazing what we did to each other, mainly in the name of making a quick buck. Especially as a Brit, it is completely shaming what we did to millions of Indians. An unexpected side effect of reading this has been that I’m giving up meat, I listened to this on Audible and hearing about how animals have feelings made me feel very sad and guilty. I’ve not given up fish or dairy yet, baby steps, as I’ve never actually been even veggie before.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book

Bought this years ago and flicked through and thought it was lovely. Dug it out again for some Instagram inspiration, so watch out for that on my Instagram, going to plan out some entries next week and hopefully will make it a bit more interesting. I love their blog too, always so beautiful.

A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book


Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 5

I’m completely in love with this show, I just think it is great and has remained such high quality throughout. This season has been especially heartwarming, you do always worry when your favourite characters get together in case it ruins the tension… but it is so lovely, Jake and Amy forever. Below is a meme about his changing nicknames for Amy as the series has gone on, so cute 😍. The supporting cast is just brilliant too, I’m so fond of them all. Shame Gina is leaving. Bought from Amazon

From tumblr

How I Met Your Mother

Rewatching for the millionth time (good while I’m doing cross stitch as I know when to look up). I forgot how good some of the episodes are (like the Swarley episode is also the one where Lily and Marshall get back together). Silly to be watching it again really, seen it so many times and I need to be doing more with my time, but I’ve had bad back and pulled a muscle in my leg, so was laid up for a few days. On Netflix

Lego Masters

Caught up on season 2 and the Christmas Special – inspired us to get the Lego out again! Just love seeing how creative the teams are, really want to go to that room and build some amazing creations! I actually wanted the other team to win the final, but all the teams were lovely and deserved to win. Also wanted different team to win the final, as I really liked Alice from Tattoo Fixers to win as she was super lovely and did such creative builds. On All4

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Series 3

We watch this as a family, my 9 year old particularly loves it. Great show, cast is brilliant, and I think half the reason I’ve return to HIMYM is because of the fabulous Neil Patrick Harris. He was just a brilliant choice for Count Olaf. Might have to read the books now. Can’t believe it is finished, I want to know more about the characters – especially Sunny, she is the cutest thing ever! On Netflix



Leave your brain at the door, the villains are ridiculous and kind of crud, but the Rock is magnificent and the monkey was funny – fun action movie, perfect for a lazy Friday night with beer. On NowTV with subscription

A Very English Scandal

I had actually listened to the audiobook of this, the story is just so unbelievable it is one of these “you couldn’t make it up” kind of things. Understand now why people have such a distrust in politicians, this kind of scandal can’t have done much good at the time. Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw are excellent (although having seen them together in Paddington 2, it’s weird seeing Phoenix Buchanan having his way with Paddington…) and love that the bungling criminal is the tall one from the Inbetweeners (Blake Harrison), inspired casting. So good, and can’t help but wonder what would have happened to the Liberal Party if he hadn’t done all of this, would Jeremy Thorpe have made it to Prime Minister? We watched on iPlayer , available to buy on Amazon



Played this board games a few times now, love it, it really is completely up my street in terms of quizzes and the sorts of questions I enjoy. Even father-in-law enjoyed it, was nice to play on Boxing Day after dinner. Took it round a friend’s house too (hi Joolz!) and was nice to play while kids ran around! My eldest even likes having a go, and seems to enjoy asking me the questions. I love that they appear to be all submitted by people, clever! From John Lewis

Ticket to Ride

Played the actual board game for the first time, I have played it on iPad before, fun as my eldest got really into it, will have to have another game soon (especially as it is on my 101 things list!). From Amazon

Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp

I am just too excited that Animal Crossing will come to the Switch this year, so I picked this up again and have been playing when I get a spare moment. They just did a new update that makes it much easier to deal with requests from animals and they have special events going on for Valentines, so I’m pretty hooked! More mobile games at 5 Mobile Games that are quick to play (and free!)

Pokemon Go

We played this so much when it first came out, I picked it up again as it is making me walk more which can only be a good thing! Have a few friends that still play, so it’s nice we send gifts to each otherwise.

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