Bugs Bunny riding an enormous horse in a Valkyrie costume, because of course.

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February was dreadful, 3/4 of us got Flu and then I had Laryngitis. Spent a lot of the month sulking and not really watching new things. We are still watching West Wing, so I’m not going to feature that really as it’s ongoing. Here’s the rest though.


Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

I’m listening to this on Audible right now, it’s a fab book and very motivational in my sad little life right now. I like her speaking style and need this kind of pep talk while I’m sorting washing! She is very honest about her own journey and experiences, this isn’t a guide from a person who always had it all figured out. Link to Amazon and Audible

The Dry by Jane Harper

Read this for bookclub, this was a ride and a half! Could not put it down. I really enjoyed the setting of outback Australia kind of thing too, seemed apt as one of our members was out there at the time and we’d been talking a lot about Oz when we picked the book! It’s about Detective Aaron Falk, back in his hometown for his old best friend’s funeral, where it looks like he killed his own family. Aaron is asked to look into it by the man’s parents, and it’s the journey he takes investigating that while dealing with the fallout from an incident that happened when he was a teenager. I am not usually much of a crime/thriller kind of person, but I have to admit they are super compelling once you get into them! From Amazon


Three Identical Strangers

Fascinating documentary, just unbelievable. 3 triplets separated at birth, the families were never told. This is the story of them reuniting by chance, and then their quest for the truth of how they came to be split. If you didn’t catch this, you really must see it. Still on All4


I love this dreadful promo shot – what is going on with Niles’ shoulder?

Channel 4, you are too good to us people at home in the day, 3 episodes a day of Frasier! I just love it so much, I’m even in a group on Facebook of Frasier Fans! Yes, I need to get a life. Available on Amazon, or every morning on Channel 4!


Love, Simon

Such a sweet film! We decided to watch it on date night, just loved it, really funny and so warm. It really is great to see a film that brings LGBT+ relationships front and centre. Reminded me a lot of A Beautiful Thing, which I recommend you watch if you haven’t already! We watched it on NowTV

The Prestige

Adam had been recommending this for a long while, so we finally settled down to see it. Loved it, so compelling, although not cheerful particularly so don’t expect to come away uplifted! It’s about the rivalry between 2 magicians, and who is going to have the last word. It is so well done, and the end will have you thinking about everything in the whole movie for days afterwards. Great performances from everyone involved, and everyone includes David Bowie as Tesla (which is an amazing bonus I’m sure we all agree). We watched on NowTV

The Lego Movie 2

Took kids to see this over half term as big mob with some friends, had a fab time! Loved the first one, and this is pretty much the same fun humour, but about the relationship between siblings rather than with parents (although Maya Rudolph does make excellent mom figure in it). Very interesting to see this sibling dynamic playing out, live a lot of that in our own house, especially as our age gap is 9 vs 5, that can feel just too big at times. And… this song’s gonna stuck inside your heeaaaaaddddd…

Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner Movie

What’s Opera Doc?

Just the best, most magnificent, extraordinary collection of cartoons ever put together. I used to watch this on repeat as a kid as my clever parents had videoed it for me off the telly. It’s got Marvin the Martian, Duck Dodgers, Bugs Bunny bullfighting, Elmer Fudd (duck season! rabbit season!), Wile E Coyote, Pepe Le Pew, Leopold and of course What’s Opera Doc? – voted the best cartoon of all time. You can watch it here for free, so go do that, now now now!


Penguin Cafe Orchestra

I’ve always been very fond of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, my dad had a cassette of them that I used to play on my old walkman. Remember quite fondly a wet week in wales where listened to them an awful lot! Have enjoyed introducing my eldest to them, she plays violin and piano and loves listening to them, think it’s nice to see that orchestral music isn’t just from hundreds of years ago. This boxset looks great, although I tend to just listen to stuff on Spotify these days as can just tell Alexa to play it and act out Hedonism Bot or something.

So that was February. I don’t know how different March is going to look right now, I tend to fall in a rut and watch old stuff, especially when I feel a bit down and vunerable, which does describe me just now. Will see if I can get a bit more positive! Looks like we might play some Pandemic this month, so I’m looking forward to that! I need to plan out a bit of my 101 things and make sure I’m ticking off movies and books that meet criteria on that…

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