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What I watched, read, listened to and enjoyed in December!

The media I consumed in December was mainly festive, so I think I’m going to make this roundup my favourite Christmas things!

December 2018
The media I mainly consumed in December was obviously a bit festive, so I think I’m going to make this roundup my favourite Christmas things! Includes: Whamaggedon!, Die Hard, Buble and Muppets, sounds a lot like Christmas…

Included in this post are a couple of affiliate links which will give me a small commission if you purchase through them, it would be fab for me if you did!


Zog – Love all the Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler animations, and Zog is one of our favourite books, so this was always going to play well in our house! Link to iPlayer, won’t be there forever

Zop! Look how cute he is 😀

Big Fat Quiz Of The Year – always funny, loving this teams this year, didn’t know the lady on David Mitchell’s team but a worthy addition I think.  I always love Claudia, and Noel and Richard are my fave team.  Link to 4od

I couldn’t find a decent graphic to share of the quiz of the year for this year, sad

Hootenanny –  It’s not New Year’s Eve if you don’t watch a bunch of celebrities getting pissed pretending it is New Year’s Eve… Niles Rogers is a such a dude.  Link to iPlayer, won’t last forever


Strictly Christmas special – Ah, extra dose of strictly magic, nice to see Aston dancing again as he should have done better in the competition itself.  Link to iPlayer etc


The Snowman and the Snowdog – Love the original snowman too, but this is so cute, and my youngest is obsessed with the little soft snowdog we have, just lovely.  Amazon



Muppet Christmas Carol – Saw people moaning on Facebook (I know, news at 11 etc) about how this had won on polls to be the favourite over classics like “White Christmas”. All I know is I had this on VHS (and still do somewhere, hello to the song that isn’t on DVD), and I watched it constantly ever Christmas, even when it isn’t Christmas, I took it to uni, and now me and My kids watch it a few times every December. I’ve never seen White Christmas so that just isn’t part of my own tradition, and I think this will be the case for a lot of people in their 30s and below. And anyone that had a kid when this came out. It is fabulous, the songs are great, and Michael Caine plays it absolutely straight, stating that he pretended that there weren’t any muppets, no mugging to the camera, like this was the dramatic role of a lifetime.  For me it is perfect.  Amazon

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Die Hard – There is lots of debate on whether this counts as a Christmas film. I don’t even know, I just like it and want an excuse to watch it, although miss Alan Rickman so much.  Currently available on subscription through NowTV

This is amazing, who wouldn’t want Christmassy Hans Gruber ornament on their tree? Found on Etsy, I am not Etsy affiliate right now so this link is all yours for your own benefit!


Elf – This film is just so funny, always happy to watch it with my kids that love it, and you know it’s Christmas when people start saying the “it’s Santa, I know him!” – on Amazon Prime with subscription



Trading places – We watched this on New Year’s Eve with a bottle of Buck’s Fizz, because we know how to party when you are stuck in the house with young children, oh yes.  Love this film, and had forgotten just how funny it is throughout, the Butler played by Denholm Elliott steals the show constantly. Dan Ackroyd, as the most stinky looking Santa, eating stolen salmon with his bare hands on the bus – cracks me up every time.  Currently on NowTV with sub


Love Actually – urgh, I only ever really like the Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman bit, even though it breaks my heart. It is funny but so very cringe and cheesy… and get lost with fat shaming Martine McCutchen. The Jezebel article articulates my hatred quite well. Sorry if you love it, I can see why people do, but it gets a “too cheesy for Sarah” rating (note – make logo for this). On Netflix with sub



The Snowman by Raymond Briggs – This is one of my favourite children’s books, Christmas or not Christmas. There are a few books you can read at any age and are wonderful to share. I love snuggling up on a beanbag with them and getting them to talk to me about what is going on, there are no words in the book because it doesn’t need them. I particularly love the panel of the snowman enjoying the fridge. I think it all is helped by having seen the fantastic animation so many times, you get the blissful soundtrack in your head even without hearing it, I had it on cd as a kid anyway, not just for the “Walking in the Air” song.  Go get the book through the proper website, looks like they have some nice stuff and craft ideas on there!  The Snowman


Hogfather – Terry Pratchett – Felt like I should mention a grown-up book that is Christmas themed, so enter Terry Pratchett again! I really need to reread this, it has been a while! The TV adaptation was on telly over Xmas but I missed it.  Available at Amazon


The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas! – Tom Fletcher – Fairly modern book written by some pop dude. This book is hilarious, read it with kids on Christmas Eve and could not stop laughing at the tinsel bit, the kids thought it was an absolute riot. If your kid likes poop and butt jokes, because who doesn’t, they will think this is the best book ever.  Available from Amazon.


My own sad Christmas book – I have one of these books from when I was little where you send away And they put you in the story, I will provide pictures as it is adorably sad and cute.

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The Night Before Christmas – my eldest read this on Christmas Eve and I almost cried, she did a wonderful job. It really feels like Christmas when you read it.  Amazon has nice looking version.




Last Christmas by Wham! – participated in Whamageddon where you try and go as long as you can in December without hearing the song.  I told work about it so thankfully they agreed to play along, I was the last out!  And that was at work, but a day later than the other participant that was last in.  I was in the office when they played it that day before, but I most definitely wasn’t listening so we didn’t count it as out. Believe that was Tuesday the 18th, not too shabby!


Christmas by Michael Bublé – my partner hates the Buble (he asked me to point out that he likes the guy, just not his music, he’s never enjoyed that style – which was awkward when I went through a Sinatra phase), but the kids love him, so we have listened to a lot of his Christmas album while I have been avoiding Last Christmas. Amazon





BBC Christmas Carol free podcast – Quite cool that this is free, if you want to get Christmassy (should have posted this earlier I guess, I’ll just repost this next November or something!)  BBC Schools



Kermode and Mayo Film Podcast – Best of 2018 – always good to hear the round-up of the year, especially because this year we have taken fewer car journeys as a family so I’ve missed a few, I should listen in-between more but I like the sharing of it.  Link to BBC



Skip to the End – last episode of the year has a rewatch of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and a round up of the things they liked last year.  Love it!  Skip to the End




And that’s it!  That was my December, and it was pretty darn fun.

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