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What I watched, read, listened to and enjoyed (or didn’t!) in November!

Here is my roundup of what I enjoyed in November.  Some really great stuff around at the moment, just love it!  I get the feeling next month will be dominated by Xmas related things!

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The Good Place – keeping up with it, god it’s just so good.  I was a fan of Kristen Bell anyway from the wonderful Veronica Mars, so fab to see her in something that is just *so* brilliant.   It is just such an exciting format to learn about philosophy too, you really feel like you are learning the lessons with them.  And the trolley problem, haha! On Netflix

The Soul Squad

Glow – I was not expecting too much of this if I’m honest.  Lady wrestling, I guess it’s got that girl from Community… After binge-watching the 2 seasons I am now desperate for them to make more, and “that girl” is frigging amazing as Zoya, but then I love all the characters. So fantastic to have such a strong show where most of the characters are women but it’s not necessarily aimed at them.  Some very surprising and hard-hitting storylines too, it’s definitely not fluff, and there are some things that I feel they found new ways to portray.  I don’t want to go into too much detail, especially as could be a bit triggering for some, but definitely a realistic portrayal of some of the issues that life can throw at you. On Netflix

liberty bell and zoya.jpg
The costumes, the hair, the expressions.  Good god it’s so 80s, who am I kidding, I was born to love this

The West Wing – rewatching as we started listening to “The West Wing Weekly” podcast.  Finding it a bit hard to take in some areas, feel a bit sad that Martin Sheen isn’t really president, that CJ Cregg isn’t really the Press Secretary etc.   Weird to think this was 20 years ago now, feeling quite old thinking that!  Looking forward to seeing the bits with Alan Alda, and again kind of wish he was the Republican president too, just love all these guys!  Even feel a bit sorry for Mandy, I just don’t think she was that bad!  Not on streaming right now, so you can buy box set from The Hut

I loved this pic, how brilliant they were

House of Games – Richard Osman presenting a quiz show with 4 celebrity guests competing over 5 days for supremacy.  They also win some fun prizes, I really want the House of Games Smoking Jacket and Fedora now.  Better get famous I guess 😉  Lots of fun word games, along with general knowledge and popular culture kind of things.  Fun, not impossible but tricky enough to be interesting.  I just watched the week where Richard Herring won, very funny, and pleased he won that! It’s on BBC2 


Strictly Come Dancing – love it, although this year I’m getting increasingly pissed off with The Sun telling us who to support by running pieces on people and ruining their chances in the public vote.  I know we are all sheep I guess, but I’d rather not know about their personal lives and just judge their dancing.  Seann Walsh was first thrown to the wolves, and to be honest I did think that whole situation was bad news, but then Danny John Jules appeared to offend them so they decided to ruin his chances too, and now they are spreading shit about Dr Ranj after he has left and I’ve just had enough.  Bloody vultures.   I am now cheering for Stacey (because not a ringer and having a “journey”, told you I was a sheep) and still enjoying the dancing. On BBC1



The Post – really enjoyed it, was fascinating to learn about that little bit of history, especially as it is the precursor to the villainy of Nixon.  Made me really consider how lucky we are not to have been caught up in wars of late, so sad to think how many poor young men were drafted in to go fight an unwinnable warn just to save face. Currently on Amazon Prime Video as part of a subscription

Oh look, Josh from the West Wing on the right there too 😀



The Bloody Chamber – reading this for book group, but I have only read the first bit of the first chapter, been busy planning birthday for littlest one so having to use the lunch hour to go and buy things, hopefully, that will stop (haha, except it is Christmas!).  Can buy from The Book Repository


Terry Pratchett – BBC Radio Dramas – if you are a Pratchett fan then you really need these in your life.  Massively enjoyed listening to these on the way to work, and includes my favourite book that is just his in “Small Gods”.  Made me appreciate how great Mort and Wyrd Sisters are again though, love Nanny Ogg so much (“pull up a chair and call the cat a bastard”).  From Audible


If Only They Didn’t Speak English – Jon Sopel – fascinating look at the differences between American and English culture, taught me a lot about why they are so different.  It does feel like that us speaking the same language should unite us, but their ethos is very different to ours.  It’s not surprising they want guns (massive country where Police can be far away in an emergency, if you trust them anyway) and they don’t want government control (they were lied to so long about Vietnam that they just can’t trust government not to lie to them), they don’t believe in paying for taxes for things you can do yourself (whereas a lot of how the UK works is paying taxes but expecting a lot from your local and national government in terms of help and protections).  I listened to this on Audible as well, or here to buy in book form at The Book Repository



Panic at the Disco – One of the Drunks – turns out I’m emo after all.  Love this band right now, and High Hopes is fab too.  I haven’t paid attention to new music much over the last 10 years (mainly because I’ll get moaned at in the car with the kids) but now we have the radio on at work all day so I actually listen to things! iTunes 


Baby Shark – look, not my choice, youngest is obsessed and we had 2 parties for her because I’m a crazy person, we got a little disco ball which is simply brilliant and Baby Shark was played *a lot* at both parties.  I have to admit, I do enjoy doing the dance with her.  There, I said it, it was my choice. Happy now? YouTube



Skip to the End – I’m a long time devotee to Wittertainment (HTJI) but thought I’d give these guys a go as I’m in a secret facebook board with a couple of them where we all discuss films.  I think I like it better when they have Gemma in tow, listening to some of the older ones and they are fun but it is definitely quite blokey at times. Website


The Comedian’s Comedian – the Richard Herring ones specifically.  Love hearing him talk about his journey in comedy, and love that he is out there doing his own thing.  I need to resub to his blog, as I used to read it years ago but I stopped for reasons unknown.  Saw his “Talking Cock” show years and years ago.  That show was brilliant, so much more sweet and heartwarming than the name would suggest, I have the book but I have to confess I never actually gave it a read, maybe next month.  I love his work on International Women’s Day too. Website

Me and Richard Herring
Ok just realised, I’m wearing sunglasses and look like a crazy person!  I remember this now, I broke my glasses on the way to Nottingham, so on that Friday night, I had to wear my prescription sunglasses.  I really never noticed but I can see the pinky purple lenses now (was lucky I didn’t go for black lenses)

Ask me another – I was looking for quiz podcasts as I’m applying to be the reserve on an Only Connect team with some other Wittertainees, this is wonderful!  Jonathan Coulton doing some songs, there was an interview with Paul Feig in the episode I listened to, brilliant!  And some of the puzzles were very like House of Games. Website


Things I didn’t enjoy

I don’t really want to use this bit to rag on content creators, but there are some things I encountered that weren’t for me, and I thought I’d talk about them

The new Chemical Brothers song – at work we all moan when this comes on as that noise in the middle is unlistenable and annoying.  Sorry dudes, I’m happy you’re back, but that particular song is just the wrong frequency for my old ears now.

First & Last podcast – it’s quite funny but if you really love whatever they are watching it can be quite excruciating to listen to them fumble through it.  Listened to the IT Crowd one, I did like their predictions, they were sort of right for some of it!

There was also another similar podcast I tried to listen to but I deleted it from my phone and all traces of it, I was so appalled by how bad the presenters are. Probably for the best I did that!

The Beginners Guide To Being An Expert – I thought this would be interesting, but it’s a comedy thing that I didn’t find particularly funny, so I’ve given up on it.  Feel free to point me at a good episode if you like it and think it is worth persevering with, but I just think it isn’t for me.

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