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Do you need a fabulous gift for Mother's Day?  You must click and see what I've found!

Mother’s Day 2019 for UK is on Sunday 31st March (a really late one this year!), so to try and get ahead of the game I’ve started looking at pressies for my own lovely mother (and maybe some things to drop hints that I want myself of course!).

Holdsworth Truly Scrumptious Champagne Truffles

Holdsworth Truly Scrumptious Champagne Truffles

This box is really beautiful, looks like it is really special. Not to be ungrateful, but the last box of chocolates partner bought me was Dairy Box from the local shop (I’m boycotting Nestle, was especially annoying).
£8.00 from John Lewis

Maison Margiela Replica Eau de Toilette Memory Box Gift Set

Maison Margiela Replica Eau de Toilette Memory Box Gift Set

A selection box of fabulous fragrances designed to evoke beach walks, flower markets, by the fireplace etc… I really want to go and smell all of these, looks like it’s a bit like Demeter fragrances (but more luxe!).  I love things like this as I’m so indecisive, and great if you don’t know which scents they regularly wear.

£25 from John Lewis again (I am biased, it is 7 minutes door to door for me to our nearest, I just love it).

Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms


Love this journal so much, doing it now with my 9 year old, she fills it in at bedtime and leaves it for me on my bedside table.  It has lots of prompts, but also free space areas, this gives us chance to talk about things on our mind that we want to say without interruption, and that goes both ways.  It is helping us learn about each other in a no pressure way, and I really do recommend it.  I might do a longer post about it at some point.  It comes with two ribbon bookmarks so you can move pages and the other person can follow where you went.  I might get the Grandaughter ones for Mother’s day for the Grandmothers, but the problem is they live quite far away so it’s not quite the same.   I like that there is a sisters one as well, that is so cute.  My youngest is only 5 so not quite old enough to embrace this, but maybe when she is 7 or 8 we could see if they want to do it together.

From Amazon for around a tenner

Bluetooth Earbud


Now, I know this seems like a bit of a weird thing to include, but I had a wireless earbud and it is a godsend.  It’s just the one, so you aren’t going to be getting down with any tunes (although you could look at getting a pair so you can do both), but it works perfectly well for a podcast or audiobook where you might still want to hear with the other ear.  I used to use it when being made to stay at bedtime, I could listen to a book while I lie on the beanbag in the dark waiting for little one to fall asleep.  Also good to do hoovering and still hear, or washing up and still be able to hear the doorbell/calls for snacks/arguments etc.  My one was flesh coloured so was a bit less noticeable should you wish to be stealthy about it.  Works for handsfree calling as well so that’s handy, I would use it sometimes while I was sorting laundry or whatever. I’ve gone for a prettier one here, Rose Gold is my jam, but there is this one that comes with a cool charging case (I have Huwai earbuds and the charging case is genius).

From Amazon for around £16

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite
Love this – clearly, this is how I will be spending Mother’s Day

We have a super old kindle now, been going strong for years, it’s the one with the keyboard, a case with built-in light (long broken) and the free 4G to update wherever we are.  Now, I love this Kindle, it is fab, but I can’t help but lust over the Paperwhite.  I’ve been reading a lot more lately, I joined a book club and started full-time job where you get an hour for lunch and there wasn’t much else to do!  The Paperwhite looks so lovely, great that it is waterproof for the beach, and great that you can do Audible* with it as I am super audiobook obsessed.  I occasionally sign up the Kindle Unlimited* when they have a good offer on – if you do that take a look at some of the Kindle in Motion books as they are beautiful!

From Amazon

* link to 30 day free trial

Personalised Ash Wood Bath Caddy


And to go with that Kindle… a bath caddy 😀  This looks lovely, I have had rickety bath caddies before, this looks pretty solid.  I like a good long lie in the bath, only warm place in our house some days!  Like that it can be personalised.

From Not On The High Street for £42

Family Birthstone And Message Personalised Necklace


Not really sure why I keep being drawn to birthstones, but here we are.  Love this, can get personalised with names and birthstones, so pretty and elegant looking.

From Not On The High Street for £40+

Noveltea The Tale of Earl Grey Gin


This looks exciting, and combines 2 of my favourite tipples, tea and gin!  I’m not much of a drinker these days and this looks like a premade cocktail thing that appeals right now!

From John Lewis for £25

Jar of Smiles

Bought this for my own mum for her birthday, cute little jar filled with quotations about mums, looked really cute, thought it was nice that she would open that every day and think of me. 

From Amazon 

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Beautiful Mother's Day gifts, if you want to find something really special for Mothers and Grandmother's alike you'll find it here

Do you need a fabulous gift for Mother's Day?  You must click and see what I've found!

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