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Geek Girl Gift Guide  I’ve got to thinking a lot about Valentine’s Day and what I want to give, which I hope to do another post for. But I also had the idea of looking at what geeky presents I would love to receive, and not just for Valentines, we also have Mother’s Day coming up, or any of the usual occasions (Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas). My partner is usually pretty good at picking me out geeky things, but he doesn’t spend as much time browsing shopping as I do so he tends to just nose on Amazon and find things, I’m hoping to cast my net further afield and find a few rare prizes.

I would also like to point out that a lot of this stuff is clearly applicable to the man in your life too, I think I might actually get the Bladerunner t-shirt for mine as he is such a fan.

Solar System Necklace

Solar System Necklace
Solar System Necklace, also available in silver

$29.99 ThinkGeek

Star Wars Leia Stacked Pendants Necklace

Leia Pendants
Leia-themed Pendants, with buns on one and ‘may the Force be with you” on the other

$24.99 ThinkGeek

Player 1 Player 2 Pendant Necklace Set

Player 1 Player 2 necklaces
Matching necklaces for you and your Player 2, because gaming can be romantic! 😀

$54.99 ThinkGeek

Wizardy Buttery Drink Candle

Wizardy Buttery Drink 8oz Soy Candle
Butterbeer-esque candle, sounds like it smells amazing

Doctor’s In Cheeky knickers

Dr Who Police Box Knickers
Dr Who Police Box Knickers

Galaxy print mesh strappy babydoll

Galaxy Babydoll
Galaxy print babydoll lingerie from Torrid (hooray plus sizes!)

$49.99 Torrid

Villains Wicked One Fragrance

Wicked One Perfume by Disney
Disney themed villain perfume, ‘cos let’s face it, they’re the interesting ones

$20.23 Torrid

Moleskine Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Notebook

Moleskine Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa
Gorgeous looking notebook for the Harry Potter fan in your life

£22 John Lewis

Alphabet Truffles

Alphabet Truffles
You could spell out a small quote, or a pet name, or I Love Snape, Always… you know, whatever floats their boat.

From £22 Thorntons

Plush Planetary Bouquet

Plush Planetary Bouquet
An alternative to flowers, planet bouquet, even has Pluto!

$19.99 ThinkGeek

Origami Unicorn t-shirt

Origami Unicorn t-shirt
Silver print dystopian loveliness for Bladerunner fan

Pink New Romantic David Bowie T-Shirt

Pink Bowie T-Shirt
For the New Romantic in your life

£19.99 Truffle Shuffle

Storybook Cosmetics x Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Storybook Palette

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Palette
Beautiful cosmetics palette from Storybook Cosmetics, some of these colours are stunning, I obviously love Violet Beauregarde

Catbus Mug

Catbus Mug
If she loves My Neighbour Totoro then she will love this, love the little lid that will keep drink warm too! Fab!

£16.99 Firebox

limited edition pretty things & fairy wings brush set

Fairy Brush Set
Cute makeup brushes from Tarte

£22 Tarte

Andy Warhol Polaroids

Andy Warhol Polaroids
You know that he would have owned Instagram, these pics look fascinating

£40 Taschen

Hope this gives you some inspiration, let me know if it did, I would love to hear that! 😀

Geek Girl Gift Guide Geek Girl Gift Guide

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