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5 mobile games (1)

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I’m a sucker for a good mobile game.  Or even a bad one.  They are great for just passing the time when I don’t have the brain power left to read or learn anything new.  Some of these even work when you have no signal (my eldest daughter has violin lessons in a signal dead zone, so I can’t be mindlessly browsing facebook and whatnot).  These particular games are well suited to those times when you just have a minute or two to play.  It doesn’t matter if you have to leave before you are finished doing stuff, they don’t mind, honest.  In fact, some of them like you to go away and come back later!

1. Polytopia


I’ve started off with a properly great and compelling game, especially if you are Civilisation fan.  You start off with on little person from a tribe and you have to conquer the world by crushing your enemies and researching all the coolest stuff to help you do that.  You can buy tribes that have different starting advantages, you can play solo or multiplayer, you can go for 30 turns or unlimited World Domination kinda thing.  It is an adorable thing, and it plays so well on mobile.  Can easily take a turn or two when you are waiting around, and it doesn’t require mobile connection to do single player.  You have challenges to score higher to get more stars, and all scores go on a global scoreboard, so I feel like it has a lot of replayability.

From Google Play and from iTunes

2. Hungry Cat Picross


I have played many (MANY) puzzle and picross games, I’m talking hundreds of hours.  It drives my partner demented that I miss many facial expressions from characters in tv shows we are watching together, as I am sitting there with my phone in front of my face, colouring in squares to make pretty pictures.  My 9 year old loves doing them too, they are addictive, and for her, I would say that they offer a great opportunity to practice a bit of mathematical reasoning as well.  Me, I’m well practiced enough, I just like the satisfaction of a puzzle completed in its colourful glory.  They have fresh 9-grid challenges every Tuesday, usually with a theme (I imagine they will start getting ‘festive’ right about now.

From Google Play and iTunes.

3. Adventure Capitalist


This is an idle game, where you set up things and leave it going to ‘accumulate’.  And it is humorous.  And it is addictive.  I used to play it years ago and then stopped.  Picked it up again recently and they have weekly challenges, so there I go again, I’m done for.

From Google Play and iTunes. You can also play this in a web browser (although not Chrome it seems).

4. Pocket Trains (and Pocket Planes)


You manage trains, delivering cargo, and doing daily challenges (if you want).  Gradually you will build to cover the world (I’d like to ride the train from Lisbon to New York though!).  Very cute, feels very old school and old worldly.  You will get to love the little ‘clink’ noise as you train pulls into a station and makes you a little bit of cash towards your next upgrades.  Another game I played years ago, I think I had all the stations, but have found myself drawn back to it again.  Another ‘idle’ game, but with the added bonus of cutesy graphics of what you are delivering.  By the same people is Pocket Planes, which is much the same but with Planes (as you might guess).

From Google Play and iTunes

5. CodyCross


Like crossword puzzles, but with worlds to explore and a fun layout rather than standard crosswords.  I love it just to do a little bit of puzzling on the go.  I keep trying to learn how to do cryptic crosswords in real life, then I give up and go and make my brain happy by getting some of these right.

From Google Play and iTunes


Earning free credit for the Google Play store: If you have an android phone, and you occasionally leave the house, it is a good idea to get the Rewards app.  Occasionally it will ping up to ask you questions about places you have been, and it rewards you by giving your Google Play account some credit.  I’ve used it for years and have earned £67 total!  Great for buying new apps, although recently I have used it to buy a few of the interesting looking tribes in Polytopia.


Please tell me of your favourite games in the comments!  I’d love to hear about them!

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