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We approach Christmas yet again, so I feel the need to seek out all the White Chocolate advent calendars and compile a lovely list of them for your perusal.

After the birth of dear daughter 2, I started to get migraines, culminating in a month-long migraine which forced me to visit my local GP.   They suggested that I cut out what could be the main culprits (Chocolate and Red Wine, sob!) and see how I go.  The migraine went a few days later.  Any time after that I’ve had red wine it has led to 3-day migraine, so I have knocked that on the head in favour of white wine.  I still get a headache if I overdo it, it’s not magic, but I can have a glass without having to have a lie down in a dark room.

The chocolate, well, I had to give it up for a while.  One of my friends pointed out that white chocolate is less migraine inducing, so I switched up to that and it works perfectly.  Over time I have become less susceptible to migraines from milk chocolate, so I’m back to eating that ok, but I still seek out the white chocolate option where available, and people that know me well tend to buy it for me.

So, for white chocolate addicts, or those avoiding large amounts of pure cocoa, here I offer you some good choices for those delightful Advent Calendars!

This post includes an affiliate link, but only because I’m linking to a company I would shop at anyway. My affiliate disclosure is at the bottom of this post.

Thorntons – White Chocolate Snowman Advent Calendar (83g)


A lovely looking white chocolate advent calendar that you can personalise!  Always love Snowman themed items and this is no exception.

Available from Thorntons for £5.00

Hotel Chocolat – The Advent Calendar – White Chocolate


Oh, look at the cute figures!  I think I may have to treat myself to this one, they are a lovely local company too so I like to support them.

From the blurb “Unlike other white chocolates, the main ingredient in ours is cocoa butter, not sugar.” – interesting!

From Hotel Chocolat for £12.50

Holland & Barratt – So Free Dairy Free White Chocolate Advent Calendar


Do enjoy finding a Vegan one to include and this fits the bill nicely!  Very affordable at £4, hopefully this will be easily available in stores.

From Holland & Barratt for £4

Montezuma – Organic Milk & White Chocolate Kids Advent Calendar


If you aren’t omitting milk chocolate entirely this is a very cute and colourful option.  I love Montezuma White Chocolate Buttons so I’m sure this will be delicious.  Organic too!

From Montezuma for £8.99

Notable omission(s):

Milkybar Advent Calendar – look, I know they are often the only choice for white chocolate, so it is hard to avoid it, but Nestle are definitely worth boycotting.

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