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Not had much time to update properly, working full time and having two kids at this time of year is pretty jam packed with activities.
In the last month we have had:
  • 4 birthday parties, 2 of which were ours
  • Visit to Santa’s grotto
  • Music evening at the school with eldest playing the piano
  • My work night out, and inevitable write off day afterwards
  • Book club, which no one had had time to read the book, so it is just ‘wine night’
  • Brownie awards night, eldest got ‘Most Confident Brownie’ which is fab
  • School Nativity, youngest was a very cute star
  • Village Nativity which was lovely and magical
  • School Disco, I helped with tattoos
  • Drinks with my mum friends x2
  • Met Cressida Cowell at book signing with daughters, she is lovely
  • Cardiologist Appointment
Not that I’m complaining, that all sounds wonderful to be honest, but I’m a bit tired now!
Still got a Synchro show, village carols on the green and actual Christmas to go! Bit relieved we are having Christmas Day here at home this year, the thought of wrapping and carting a load of presents in advance does not appeal, we always end up having to Tetris pack the car and the poor girls growth is probably affected by the amount of scrunching up they have to do after we fill their footwell’s on every journey.
I had hoped to do more Christmas related posts, maybe next year I’ll start prepping in August!

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