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I’ve gone quiet the last few months as I got a job – hooray! So far it is going so well and I love it, although I’m writing this poolside in Greece as I wanted to do a bit on my blog while here and my holiday is almost over!

I now spend my days writing social media posts for an elderly care company. I can’t tell you how much I love doing that, each care home sends us pics of what the residents are up to and I get to see it all! Nothing makes me happier than getting new things to post, it really is the sweetest thing. I’ve been to a few of the homes now to photograph events and help out, I had never been in one before and I’m learning new stuff about this world all the time.

Getting this wonderful job at a not-for-profit company has sent my mind back to the days I used to temp at council places back when I was a student and after I first graduated almost 20 years ago, I used to love those places. You feel like you are trying to help people, even if it is just doing the filing at Housing Needs or answering the phones at Child Services, you can see the great work that some of the teams are doing. I get this feeling again now, and it’s lovely for me as often we get family members commenting on the wonderful time their family members are having in the pictures I get to post.

Doing all this has made me want to feel a bit more connected with everything, spend a lot of my time being unengaged and distracted, especially with my family. My partner has been so kind in my transition back to full time work, he tries to make sure I don’t have to do too much at home at the moment, but I realise I need to reserve some of my energy to do a bit more with my lovely kids. This holiday has been fab, just the last couple of days we have had a few down hours with movies and tablets when we’ve needed a rest but a lot of it has been spent all together in the pool or at the beach. We had a trip to a local winery where the owner used to be in IT but he jacked it all in 8 years ago to live off the land as organically as possible, really lovely stuff!

I want to try and outline a bit of a plan to increase my wholesome living.

  • Eat more mindfully, with more fresh foods and no snacking, as little processed food as possible
  • Limit my screen time, especially round my kids. Hide my phone, no checking it, and having the telly off at home
  • Invest time in my hobbies – photography, crafting, calligraphy
  • Increase the outside time of all of us, including more physical activity into our daily routine
  • Do miracle morning routine again, setting myself up for successful days

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